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  Bold, Organic, Sensual designs meld with inherent elemental properties of metals creating innovative adornment. I blend in gemstones echoing and enhancing the varied techniques and finishes of my work. I sense a natural conversation between the elements that are my materials and the elements I utilize to create my pieces. The result is work that articulates some of that conversation capturing glimpses of elemental reactions.

The construction process is revealed to me by utilizing the unique form and technique of each piece. "My pieces are microcosms created with elements forged by the earth. When worn as objects of adornment they imbue the wearer with a unique statement of their personal aesthetic."

I have always been inspired by the processes of the natural world, ancient techniques, spiritual heritage and modern science. I will continue to distill these elements and inspirations into a visual language to communicate ideas, feelings, and the great mystery of our universe. Through my work I manifest the opportunity for the wearer to express personal style with a
"Precious Element".